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To Blog or Not To Blog.

So, you live in your own little world.
Everyone has their little world, populated by the people they’ve known, the memories they keep, and the thoughts they have.

And then you have your outside world. That’s the one with which you share your little world. Sometimes you share a little, sometimes a lot. Very rarely, you might share it all. I think a lot of people think they are sharing their whole little world with their loved ones, but I think we all know that, most likely, they are not.

Can you really share it all? Those tiny bits stuffed into the corners, they’re kind of hard to get to. A lot of us don’t even know they’re there.

In any case…

I live in my own little world. My outside world has fluctuated so much over the years. For the most part, I’ve always had a “wide” circle of acquaintances sprinkled here and there with closer friends who seem to know me super-intensely for short periods of time. And there it is. For someone who appears aloof, I’m pretty darned open. I think it shocks some people. I don’t “put it out there,” but if you ask, I’ll probably answer.

It’s as if my store entrance is propped open and I don’t mind folks coming in and poking around. Some stick around for a while and hang out. After all, it’s cozy with comfy couches and lots of board games and books. But I must admit, it’s dusty and a bit cluttered. Uncluttering and cleaning is a work-in-progress for me. The ones that stick around tend to get put to work; I don’t think they like that. Or, they leave on their own after I run out on errands and don’t come back for days. There were a couple that I kicked out myself. I loved them dearly, but I knew they didn’t really belong in my store. Happily, they’ve found new places that fit much better. (I slipped the address of one of those successes into the pocket of one person; he doesn’t remember that now, but I did it and now they’re happy.)

The problem with waiting for people to visit your place is you’re not out visiting anyone else unless they invite you. That ain’t good. I like my little world. I like people to visit it. But, the dusty little storefront is getting further and further off the beaten track and I’m not there yet. So, I have to take bits and pieces from inside the shop and wander out into the world to share them. Perhaps using a medium like an internet blog isn’t the smartest decision I’ve made, but I’ve made it. It’s possible that no one but my one friend will read this. Groovy. Then I don’t have to worry about anyone knowing the inside of my head. Oh, wait… one of my exes and his mom will probably read it, too. That’s okay as long as they keep their particular brand of psychosis away from me and my life.

So I guess this, ultimately, is therapy.
(There. I said it.)

Drivin' Through a Tunnel

©2008, 2012 yahneverknow

All the yapping about blog “content” and “promotion” don’t mean squat to me.

I’ll probably share thoughts.*
I’ll probably share photos.*
I’ll probably rant.
I’ll probably rave.
I’ll probably poke fun at someone or something, including myself.
I’ll probably ask questions, both answerable and moot.
I’ll probably be unintelligible at some point.
I’ll probably talk about something I’m crafting when I’m feeling crafty.

What do I want back? *shrug*
I think I will be happy if one person reads one post or looks at one photo and it makes their day a little better.

And that’s that.


*They will be my own and copyrighted, so please don’t gank without a link-back.