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They’re like Lay’s® Potato Chips to me, that there blog’s posts. I think the only reason I stopped consuming them was that it got to be 3:30 in the morning. Well, that… and I started to feel super cyberstalker-y, reading every single post and “liking” the majority of them. It’s like a book I can’t put down.

I woke up this morning with the Lay’s® Potato Chips jingle running through my head. That’s something you don’t say very often.

I’m reading them backward, as there is no way to start from the beginning. I forced myself to stop last night around #27. I would link to the first post but I can’t get to it. Which also means I haven’t read it. Yet I still want to link to it. Um. Yah. It appears that brain farts are common these days. It’s like an epidemic. I just popped over there to make sure there was no way to get to #1 and found out that yes, indeed-y, I am an idiot. Post #1.

Here is one that especially made me want to read more:
The Notebook

And here is the poker one that brought me there in the first place:
Hold ’em or Fold ’em

As of last night, that blog only had 300-400 followers and I don’t understand why. And it seems they are a mostly non-communicative bunch. Hmm.

So, go.
If you’ve voluntarily read anything on this blog, I think you will like it.
Is good.

And might help restore your faith in humanity.

p.s., *this* close… *THIS* close to clicking the follow button on that blog, which amazes me since I don’t do the “follow” blog thing. Somehow, with my ninja-stalker-abilities, I don’t think I’ll need the reminder.