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My latest attempts at producing bread have been failures.

Well, they’re not so much total failures as oops-I-kneaded-that-too-long or maybe-I-need-to-start-measuring-ingredients-again  or wow-whole-wheat-flour-changes-everything failures. The bread ends up edible and usually tasty. The texture… meh. It varies. Shape is another #FAIL as I seem to forget every time that I’ve vowed to make two smaller loaves instead of one gimungo (say jah-ee-muhng-oh) one that spreads in the wrong direction and is structurally unsound so ends up looking like a giant bread maggot.

I had a perfect batch once. It was only my 2nd attempt after creating my starter. The loaves were pretty. They looked like the ones you get from the bakery. See?

Hellooooooo Sourdough!

Oh, the perfection...

I could use that jar o’rapid rise yeast I have in the refrigerator and make pretty bread whose dough rises quickly and has uniform bubbles in it. Unfortunately, I’m stuck on this sourdough kick. The baker-in-me insists on trying to create the perfect whole wheat sourdough bread recipe, while, like an idiot, refusing to measure or write anything down.

I have no one but myself to blame.