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I got this comment on my “Contact Me” page a bit ago. I post this today to celebrate my 2-weeks-on-WordPress Day.

(It is unedited except to anonymize.)

Submitted on 2012/03/XX at XX:XX

yo! i came googling your name from [specific poker site]. lol no worries. but so you know, internet is not private if you are really concerned about privacy. Interesting you started this blog only this month and started playing at [specific poker site] this month. are you doing some research?

and also stay safe from [specific blog commenter] or anyone (if you don’t know them). don’t know what you do for living but be safe and careful. lot of serial killers or wannabe SKs around everywhere. (google Long island serial killer – to know what i mean).

Also, poker can be good sometimes, bad at other times. Its all about bank rolling and ofcourse luck. just my opinion and understanding. (sometimes, i see people wait for their money to arrive before losing at pokertables – addicts. its a serious ill that others lose their money and yet others who take their money. Tournaments are the best. You don’t steal others money and you win fair and square) Good Luck.

– Well you may never know me but lets keep it that way. We did chat long time in [specific poker site]. Wondered why you were concerned abt privacy at [specific poker site] when I saw your question today. searched on google and landed here. so if this blog is supposed to be private, you gotta make it. (Interesting fact that you started this blog this month and playing at [specific poker site]). Yeah, i agree, i don’t like ‘nh’ in poker too but i am obligated by the ‘donks’ to reply before they brand me rude.

p.s. my twitter is just for randomness on the internet.

I really didn’t know how to respond, especially since I couldn’t respond, except through twitter. They had left only a twitter name and a fake email address. I have a twitter account, I think, but I rarely use it. And it’s not tied to this blog or this username, as the username was already taken when I started this blog.

So. Thoughts:

  1. This blog is only vaguely anonymous. It has been that way from the beginning. I guess if you were really iSavvy and/or wanted to shell out some cash, you could find the real me. So be it. I don’t particularly understand why you would want to, but to each his own.
  2. Am I the only one that is more disturbed by this commenter breezily warning me about potential serial killers than a random serial killer? Are there really ‘wannabe SKs’? Have I inadvertently upped my serial killer potential-victim-value by posting this? Oopsie.
  3. I know who this person is, at least at that poker site. It’s not too difficult to recognize most people’s speech patterns, even online. I know both usernames that I have interacted with– who knows if there are more. I know their fave rag hands that they said have won them bank. I remember a lot from those conversations. They don’t know that I know they are both usernames. Well, maybe they do now.
  4. I do have their IP… unless they are super-stealthy iSavvy. It’s not that I’d do anything with it. It’s just that WordPress logs it when you comment, so I have it. I’m thinking they probably are not one for proxy-surfing.
  5. As far as this person’s concern for my privacy? I don’t know… maybe it’s just me, but they seem way more concerned about privacy than I am at present. Oh, the question that I guess they thought indicated that I was super-concerned about my privacy? It was on a company’s support site where I had asked who could see what information in the profile there. It’s something I try to take note of when I join a place. Generally, I can find out that information at the company’s FAQ or info page, but I had not been able to find it there and figured I’d just ask. I don’t really understand how that would imply I’m super-ultra-concerned about privacy, but I guess people read into things whatever way they’re wired.
  6. So… now this person pretty much ignores me at that poker site. I really think they are suspicious of me, as if I’ve created some kind of evil alter ego to blog here and to play on that site. Who the heck they think I might be in real life is beyond my very extensive imaginative abilities. Research? Interesting? …?
  7. As of right now, I don’t really get that many views/visitors; by ‘not many’ I mean averaging 25 per day. I’m happy, as I’ve said before, if people with similar interests find a post here that makes them smile– period. But I do check my stats at least once a day, mostly because I’m curious about where they click over from. Most of my visitors come in clumps, right after I post something or from an email client. The day this comment was made, I had my stats in a tab and when I clicked back to it a bit later and refreshed, the views exploded from 1 to 44. My little notice thingee also told me I had comments to moderate. Not only did this person google me and come here, but they proceeded to visit every single page, post, and most of the photos, write that lengthy comment, and click out to a lot of the links in my blogroll. Um. Yah. Nothing really wrong with that… but I’m jus’ sayin’….?
  8. I think, in a weird way, this person was trying to protect me or something? I’ve gotten that kind of treatment in the past, I think partly because I am female and partly because I appear to be a lot younger than I am, both in person and online. I’m a pretty good judge of age from behavior (former bartender for 8+ years), so I’m guessing I’m a good… 12, 13 years older than this person, possibly more. I don’t think they realize that. Well, either that or they’re old as dirt and they’re doing the same thing. I dunno. I’m so confused.

Anyway. I guess I’ll stop discussing this now. Originally, I was just going to hold on to the as-yet-not-approved comments in my WP dashboard and not give them another thought, but the ‘serial killers […] are everywhere’ phrase stuck in my craw. It’s not something you hear every day– Sorry. I felt compelled to post it here because I really couldn’t wrap my head around why they would come here, why they would read/visit every page and then why they would comment as they did above and want to be so sooper-sekrit about it all. I figured if anyone could give me some kind of insight it would be other bloggers… or I guess other poker players.

Oh wait, I forgot… There was a followup comment. It was the same person asking why their comment was public, which it wasn’t. (I guess it is now. Oopsie. Hey, at least it’s all anonymous-ified.) I currently have my commenting set for approval by admin, so I see everything from new commenters before it can post. I guess they didn’t see the little note that said it was waiting for approval. Oh, and they didn’t realize that that’s not a contact form on that page. If you can’t figure out my email address from that page and send email to it, I guess you can’t contact me in private or you just don’t want to…? Anyway, I figured I should include that, too. Full disclosure?

why is my message public? delete it if you have read it please. you know best. thanks.

Rock on, man.


p.s., Just in case I mysteriously disappear in the near future, my WP admin password is: [Edited for Privacy]