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Prompt: Seize the day

Carpe This

Seize the Day!

Whaaa…? Like a
Merry commandant with a
Merry band of
Merry followers.

Carpe Diem!
Carpe this.

Enjoy the day.
Cherish it.
Fill it with things you live for and love.

Don’t fill it with what others tell you to do.
Use your brain.

Get out of comfortable.
Get out of routine.
Get out of your own mind.


Go jump off a bridge with a super-strength rubber band.
Go take to the hills if you have them.
Go kiss that girl you’ve been eyeing.
Go hug a stranger.
Go tell off your boss.
Go quit your job.
Go live in Timbuktu, or Katmandu, or Waterloo.
(Go misuse a word or two, too.)


Be true to yourself,
Not the merry commandant.

Seize the day…
Make it your own.

Follow your heart,

©2012 yahneverknow

Epiphany: This post in itself is a “Seize the Day” reality, #FAIL or not.
For the G/P (Grammar/Punctuation) Nazis: No, I really didn’t mean dead poets’ hearts, I really meant dead poets.
Realization: Using my present WP theme/CSS, I cannot muck around with in-line word placement without re-learningunderstanding HTML. Rethinking…

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