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Prompt: Epithalamium (Epithalamion) (now THAT’s a mouthful)


You’re a little nervous
Like a gangly
Little teen,

Think too much about it.
It will be what
It will be.

seen him “in the flesh”; it’s
Nothing new,
Nothing pristine.

Still, it’s somehow different
Now that you are
Wearing rings.

Just savor the moment,
Holding hands, and then
Just breathe.

©2012 yahneverknow

When I read the prompt, I immediately thought of a shivaree. If you’ve ever seen the musical Oklahoma, you’ve seen an American pioneer version, which is much less a punishment than a celebration through noisy gentle hazing. I tried to capture the pot-clanging whooping and hollering and teasing in a poem and failed miserably. Then this came out; it’s so quiet, quite the opposite.

Confusion: I really wanted to write teen as ‘teen, but I didn’t know why.

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