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Prompt: Baseball

At The Field

the smell
pine tar, old beer, piss, popped corn, transparent onions, meat encased, meat in casings, week-old dried sweat, tobacco dribble, PEANUTS roasting, dirty socks

the taste
salted animal, white bread (ho) kisses, mown grass, brick dust, dirt cloud tinged with rubber, bitter hops (eight dollars?!), pisswater malt-ed de-bubble-flated lukewarm liquid with a plasticine nose, fluffed up sugar clouds, greased up potato parts crunchy with high blood pressure

the feel
sun-roasted skin, neighborly love, a SAA-WING-and-a-miss!, a cheer, dull roar, extra mustard kick on my dog (that guy did NOT just ask for ketchup, did he?), bull-pen thrower smiling at me (so close I can count his teeth)

a good day with friends in the middle of the city
that’s baseball to me

©2012 yahneverknow

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