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Prompt: Animals (+MM)

Long Necks

Blinking eyes, long-lashed, langorously staring
back at me–unseeing.
Brushing branches aside in quest of soft green
Spotted. Not quite spots, more like softened
angular imprints–identifying mother to child.
Short-cropped bristles designed for native
savannah-ed vistas, not this temperate zoo location.

To see you in your real life
uncaptured nature.

So still
Even in running
Herds of legs and necks
Unbreakably free.

Do you remember

©2012 yahneverknow

Um. Yah. Sorry if I’m not refined enough, but the 3 Marianne Moore pieces linked in the NaPoWriMo.net post just do not do it for me. I didn’t investigate her work further. Feel free to pass along any that you think I should look at.

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