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Some think I’m just a bitter poker player, mostly because of this post here.

I’m not.

I’m all for being nice at the table. I’m really a very nice girl. But I don’t see the point in congratulating someone for the two cards they were dealt and/or how they match up with the 5 on the board.

What are the nice things I say? Or like to hear?

Well played.

Good choice.

Nice read.

Always nice to hear:

I fold.

Funny to hear:

Oooh. Pretty.

My least-est favorite-est thing to hear after someone makes a questionable draw-based call on my all-in?

Wow. I didn’t think she was that strong.

(if I only had a dollar for every time…)

My most-est favorite-est thing to hear after I turn over my hand to win a monster pot?

Wow. I was not expecting that.