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Prompt: Ghazal (no, not gazelle)

never do

squeakingly announcing your claim on this land.
clawing, scratching, taking chunky bites of this hand.

fur done up pretty, dancingly prancing
out of beat, out of time, with this rocking band.

blues in the cupboard, whites all around,
silvery glintingly shiningly planned.

carefully covered. smellingly, swellingly,
prancingly, carelessly placed. ain’t it grand?

barreling, swearingly messied up to there.
gussied and fussiedly bearing down, unmanned.

erringly, purrifically smiling, that cat.
brown-hued it speaketh to you and expand.

you never do know, do you, can you, truly?
it’s not the real, nor the truth, that is spanned.

©2012 yahneverknow

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