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I admit I am a cash game snob in many ways, but tournaments have intrigued me.

It’s skill. It’s patience. It’s a little bit of luck.
And it’s picking your spots at the right time.

There’s almost an art to it. You’re constantly ducking and weaving, trying to avoid getting sucked out on while trying to get as much value out of the hands that you play. The entire time, you know that if you make a bad decision (or two) you could be out. You sometimes have to make snap reads against people you’ve literally met for the first time. There’s a delicate balancing act between making sure that everyone knows you’re not a pansy and making sure they know you’re not totally wacko. All at the same time, you are trying to play your game.

Changing gears is essential, but you don’t want to wear out your clutch.

Patience. I think it all comes down to patience. Poker, and learning how to play it well, is all about patience. Patience to wait for a hand you can mess around with. Patience to wait for that read on another player. Patience to establish a table image. Patience to wait for your spots in a freeze out. Patience to grind back from that bad hit you took when that idiot paid what they did to get their river card. Patience to wait until it’s time to crank up the aggression. Patience to learn from your mistakes. Patience to make sure you don’t make that mistake again.


I can’t tell if playing poker online is helping or hurting my overall game. I think it is helping. I’m able to watch a person’s play, regardless of what their body language would tell me live. I’m better able to read them through this computerized programming that only shows their actions and not their eyes.

I’m learning.
And it looks like I might win some real money rewards, too.

Patience has brought me here.
And it will get me to where I want to be.