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Prompt: Parody

The Pants Not Worn

Two legs diverged in my favorite jeans.
And though I like to wear them right,
I did not think, if they weren’t seen,
I’d feel which one was right by seam.
And if two in one, it would be tight.
And then I thought ’bout Daddy Mack.
(His name escapes me; partner, too.)
Kriss Kross brought craze in ’92
To wear your clothes from front to back.
I thought, maybe, they wondered, too?
Right leg or left? Which one goes first?
First one, then two, you need to do.
You could arrange them: Ready! Go!
And jump direct. It’s still a curse,
Especially when wearing shoes.
Philosophy of pants-wearing men
(And women, too. Don’t leave them out):
Just turn them front to front and then
One at a time, you can, you can!
You CAN put them on right, no doubt.

©2012 yahneverknow

In case you couldn’t place it, the original was The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. Sorry to Frost fans out there, but I’ve always thought that poem was inane and pompous, as opposed to things I write, most of which are meant to be inane and not pompous. Huh. Now I’m wondering if it was supposed to be inane…. Nah.


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