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Prompt: Inanimate Epistolary +++

Greetings Cowboys!

American Bison

How are we today on the Sunrise Trail? It will be a black sunrise for me when you come to visit. Eight feet in front of me is a mule; he won’t sink in quicksand like a donkey will. But, we may still have time, we might still get by.

It’s time to let you go, boys. I don’t think I can hold onto you right now. I have to cherry-pick the ones that will get me to the top.

Right now is not your time.

©2012 yahneverknow

Holy mackerel. Too many add-ons for this prompt (at least 4 of the following): a song lyric, a historical fact, an oddball adjective-noun combination, a fruit, the name of a street in your neighborhood, a measure of distance

Oh, and I hope it is obvious I’m not writing to actual ‘git along little doggies’ cowboys, though the picture might say otherwise.

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