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I browsed the “Freshly Pressed” today.

I read this post about the writer’s name getting mangled at Starbucks and it made me laugh… out loud.

Then I read the comments… which, at this moment, number 371. In general, the commenters are recounting their personal experiences with their names being misunderstood or misspelled . Some of those are funny, too. But after having read about 125 or so comments, I realize that this shit actually pisses some of these people off. People actually get angry when someone messes up their name… ?

What. The. Hell. ?

  1. Lots of people can’t spell. Anything. It’s not a character flaw. It’s just the way it is. Accept it.
  2. Lots of people have not seen or heard every single name in the world. Really. Unless you never make a mistake, don’t expect others to attain perfection.
  3. When you are dealing with high-volume, sometimes you have to gloss over the details. Sorry. Just necessity.
  4. (Specific to Starbucks or other places with blenders/frothers) Do you know how loud a commercial blender or a steam frother is, especially when you are in a confined space and you cannot touch your head/ear/hair to be able to hear the speaker better?
  5. Most people do not speak as clearly as they think they do.

Like I said, I thought the original post and some of the comments that followed were funny. I think the writers were just recounting their more funny experiences with name garbles and were laughing at the silliness.

But others were angry.

Why in the hell would you get angry when you have a weird name and someone messes it up? You know it’s weird. And…?

Why would you get angry if you live in a foreign country whose language is very different and the natives there have trouble learning your different-to-them name? My name is Michelle. If I’m in Italy, I won’t get pissed if someone catches my name as Michaela or Micella or whatever. I might think it was fun. If I go to France and someone calls me Yvonne after hearing my name is Michelle, well, that would be weird and might confuse me, but it wouldn’t piss me off.

Why would you get angry if someone messes up your name? Wear a frigging name tag if it means that much to you. Be sure to write it in BIG BLOCK LETTERS to make sure people can see it. Maybe even shove it in people’s faces or point to each letter as you’re spelling it out, like you’re on frigging Sesame Street.

In other words, get the stick out of your butt. Y’all need some chill pills or at least need to stop wearing thongs. Is it so important to you that people need to pronounce and spell your name perfectly every time, in every situation?

If they care enough about you, they will eventually get it. If they never get it right, they are either absent-minded like Walter and/or are fond of you so have named you the way they want (I suppose, also like Walter) or they just don’t give a shit.

Take your pick.
And get over it.


p.s., Or you can make it really fun like this experiment here or this one here.