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Oh boy. I did it.
But I did break my rules.

This is just a recap post for myself and for anyone wanting easy links to the poems I posted.

Rules broken:

  1. Write/post that day: Once posted previously written poem, but I blame headache for that. Once wrote but did not post in time, but I blame my ability to get distracted for that.
  2. Use the prompt: I managed to follow this rule, though once it was delayed by a day due to headache.
  3. Use paper first (not for origami): I think all but 4 followed this rule. I did not wander into paper-folding as a means of procrastination. This month.

For the most part, I’m happy with what I wrote. The challenge also brought me to appreciate others’ work and actively seek it out, which was a change. There were cathartic moments. There were WTF moments. Altogether, it was a very positive experience for me. I also think it helped my writing immensely.

Index for my work during NaPoWriMo 2012:

  1. Thoughts: My thoughts and self-imposed rules before beginning.
  2. Pre-Day: Written the day before it started. Words kept flowing.
  3. Day 1: Using the “seize the day” prompt given the day before.
  4. Day 1.01: Angry. Funny. Triolet prompt.
  5. Bonus #1: Sounds and rhythm.
  6. Day 2: Patsy Cline. Tiki Ted. Lyrics prompt.
  7. Bonus #2: Message to uppity “writers.”
  8. Day 3: This wrote itself. Epithalamium prompt.
  9. Bonus #4: One of those days, I guess. This came out of it.
  10. Day 4: Loved, struggled, hated, and then loved again. You have to sing it with a raspy voice for full effect. Blues lyrics prompt.
  11. More Thoughts: More annoyed words pointed at “writers.”
  12. Day 5: Tough for me. Resorted to sense-memory. Baseball prompt.
  13. Day 6: Kind of wrote itself. Mostly sensory. Animal prompt.
  14. Day 7: Convey color without using the word. Kind of a #FAIL for me, I think.
  15. Day 8: I went outside. I took my camera. This came out. ‘Go out’ prompt.
  16. Day 9: Part of the thin vein of poker running through my work.
  17. Day 10: Gank a line and write. I ganked a line from a sonnet and wrote a sonnet, the first one I’ve written as an adult. I kind of love it.
  18. Day 11: This prompt was made for me. Sense-memory prompt.
  19. Day 12: Foreign language poem line gank + homophonics prompt. Yah.
  20. Day 13: Promptless and prewritten. I love this piece.
  21. Day 13.1: I tried this ganked-from-another-language poetry form the next day. I believe it would work much better in Arabic or any non-germanic language. Ghazal prompt.
  22. Day 14: Second adult-written sonnet. Mostly aural. Sonnet prompt.
  23. Day 15: I actually loved this piece. I guess no one gets it. Parody prompt used on Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” and written about putting on my pants the right way.
  24. Day 16: Total #FAIL. I like the photo more than the piece I wrote. Image prompt.
  25. Day 17: Um. It’s a letter. To the pocket kings I had to lay down. The prompt was a crazy combination of an epistolary written to something inanimate with a hodge-podge of other “things” to include. I managed to shove them all in, but it is definitely disjointed. Funny as hell to me, but disjointed. And did you know that donkeys sink in quicksand while mules don’t? Who knew?
  26. Day 18: Again, this piece needs to be sung. Lullaby prompt.
  27. Day 19: I took “All Lovely Things” by Conrad Aiken and wrote the opposite. It was tough and I don’t know if it succeeds, but I tried.
  28. Day 20: Another sense-y memory recall of a voyage. Travelling prompt.
  29. Day 21: Almost pointless. But I followed the prompt. Hay(na)ku prompt.
  30. Day 22: So, I get a “plant” prompt and I write about poison ivy. Go figure.
  31. Day 23: Love. Love. Love. Did I say love yet? Ekphrastic prompt.
  32. Day 24: Do you know how hard it is to write without a single E or A?
  33. Day 25: Love love LOVE. Didn’t love the idea of total gankage (all lines were taken from other poetry), but in the end, I loved it. And linked everything, so I didn’t feel as bad.
  34. Day 26: So intensely personal. Elegy prompt.
  35. Day 27: Kind of  #FAIL, but the prompt was “Nursery Rhyme.”
  36. Bonus #5: Um. Part of my birds-nesting-under-my-deck saga.
  37. Day 28: Quick and dirty. Space prompt.
  38. Day 29: Another in the thin vein of poker theme. Clerihew prompt.
  39. Day 29.01: Did a second on the same day. Kind of love it. And I managed to edge in the word “rocket-ship.” Double-dactyl prompt.
  40. Day 30: Kind of love, too. Personal. But accessible. “I remember” prompt.

So, not bad for my first try at this.
Thirty-eight poems in thirty days.

Hope you enjoyed some of them, too.


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