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To me, ephemeral is a way of life.

Fleeting moments.
Fleeting thoughts.
They come quickly and sometimes leave when I turn my back.
Often, they are forgotten,
But can be re-called to the present mind
With effort.

More and more, though…
I don’t understand
a day,
an hour,
a few minutes of ephemery
have now become

nanoseconds in
digital consumption.

My thoughts may be brief.
I may forget them in the now.
But if that happens, their effect is still there.
They may be quick, but they are still there,
A part of me.

And I don’t think most
tweet-tumbld-blips have any kind of lasting effect on those that
tweet-tumbl-toss them back out to their “friends” who, in turn,
tweet-tumbl-spread it further along,


I read.
I consume.
I surf the world-wide.

It does not consume me.

I think, maybe, others are not the same.

I think,

Are made up of these pieces and bits and tweets and blips, and
A strong wind or
A gentle rain or
An internet-twitterverse-tumblrland-WiFiworld breakdown
Remove the glue
In the cracks.

And Humpty Dumpty
Will not
Be put back together again.

©2012 yahneverknow