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so i look up chino rheem to see what he looks like. i have no idea ‘cuz i’m completely out of touch with tourney world. i’m expecting some middle-aged vaguely asian guy with a pot belly. instead i see a guy that looks like an asian rap star mashed-up with a gay hooker meth freak. wth?

Note: I’m sure he’s a nice person guy poker player degen person. I knew nothing about him until this week. Read a little at 2+2. Then looked for the images. Just sayin’… definitely NOT what I was expecting.

Chino Rheem

Ganked from PokerListings via 2+2. Click image for PokerListings profile. (Can’t find the credit for the photographer. Sorry.)

Chino Rheem

Credit: Ryan Lucchesi. Ganked from Card Player. Click image for CardPlayer profile.

Chino Rheem

Credit Kim Dorfman. Ganked from CardPlayer.com. Click image for CardPlayer profile.