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My typed-but-never-entered response to a query in chatbox about how a specific person has multiple accounts at an online poker site:

Pop Art Mea lot of peeps have multiple accounts. more than you know. and everyone’s suspicious of me just ‘cuz i don’t want the whole frigging internet to know exactly where i live.. ya. that makes sense.

Before I hit “Enter,” I re-read what I had typed and thought about it.

Thinking, then, about cheaters and suspicion made me realize that people seem to accept cheating on an online poker site as acceptable behavior. They don’t “go after” anyone for doing it, and instead put the impetus for regulation and the blame for its continuance on the poker site. Sometimes they even joke about the multiple accounting.

On the other hand, if a person online doesn’t want to give out specific information about themselves to the “internet” publicly, they are immediately dealt the suspicion card. (Apologies for the never-ending poker/card analogies/metaphors.) This seems to happen MORE frequently when that person is or purports to be female. In fact, some people (mostly male) take it upon themselves to dig out information on them. They can’t let it go. They think it’s appropriate to ask the following questions of and make the following statements about a woman who had previously told them they don’t give out specific information because they have stalkers.

  • Where do you live? (No, it was not “Where are you from?”)
  • How much money have you made in tournaments/poker?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Are you a lawyer? Are you a doctor?
  • You live in ———- (state name) along the — (freeway number).


You don’t need to know everything about me.
You don’t have the right to know everything about me.
You don’t have the right to bully me… for any reason.
You don’t have any real defense for your bad behavior.
You don’t have a truly honest bone in your body.
You don’t deserve the benefit of any doubt.

You pretty much suck.

I don’t need to put everything out there.
I don’t have to put everything out there.
I have the right to not answer you… ever.
I don’t need a defense for my behavior.
I don’t need your validation.
I don’t need to trust everyone.

I pretty much rock.

Multi-accounting makes me sad.
Idiotic suspicion makes me sad.

More and more I’m amazed that people on da internetz are suspicious of my wanting to keep some info private… like it’s going to affect them somehow. Some of them actually think that I’m all sooper-sekrit ‘cuz I’m some kind of scammer that is pulling a long-ball grift.


Here. Here it is, succinctly explained with WAY more information than I should have to put out there… for all you dumbasses…

I like to remain mostly internet-anonymous. It’s a personal choice fueled by my current life situation, bipolar ex-boyfriend, psycho internet-savvy bipolar mom of said ex, and internet stalkers whose intent I have yet to figure out (and at least one of whom I picked up through [online poker site]).

I’m just attempting to keep some personal information out of the public internet eye until I have more of a cushion of time, location, fame, or money that will allow me to protect myself from anything bad. Once something is out in the internet, you can’t take it back.

Here… let me quote myself to emphasize:

“Once something is out in the internet, you can’t take it back.”

I’m me, wherever you find me. I’m the same person with the same username and the same profile pic. I talk the same. I chat the same. I play poker the same. I laugh the same. Just ‘cuz you don’t know my last name or my exact address you think I’m all shade?


Honestly? I’m probably more genuine and straightforward than 99% of the people that you have met online… actually, probably more than 99% of the people you have met, EVER.

Have fun with your inability to recognize real honesty. Hope those people who “have nothing to hide” don’t ever show you what they’re really hiding. I will always remember you, so don’t bother trying to say “HI!” when you see me in person unless you want the truth to come out.

There are bigger and better things for me coming. And you will know nothing of any of it except for what you read on da internetz. Happy internet stalking browsing.


p.s., It is so ridiculous that I have to put this disclaimer out there.
p.p.s., This post is both a general observation of the way things are and a specific response to one person. The specific response is personal. The general observation just emphasizes how ridiculous it is that I have to put this disclaimer out there.