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Hey [name removed],
Just wanted to say a couple things.

First, I wanted to apologize for anything I might have said/written/chatted in the past that could have hurt you in any way.

I wanted to apologize to you a while ago, but did not know how to approach it. I finally decided just to apologize for anything that might be hurtful and let you know, if you hadn’t already noticed, that I had consciously stopped making fun of you in any way. Please understand that nothing I ever said was meant in a mean way. In fact, I thought everything (in general) was light-hearted and fun, but I realized that some things that were directed at you by others were not so “fun” and I stepped back to think about it and observe.

I came to Facebook a little while ago to send you a message and found that you had deactivated your account. Other than that, I know nothing except what I read (that is internet-public) and assume nothing from any of it other than you have stuff you’re dealing with.

So second, I wish you the best. I hope that whatever is not right for you right now is something that is fixable.

And third, I hope you can be true to yourself. That’s all I ever wish for anyone else, as it’s the core of what I want for myself.

This all might seem a little out of the blue and a bit vague. I just wanted to say it once and then let it go. Please, just take it at face value. There is nothing to “read into” it. I know you are a good person at the core. I sincerely wish the best for you. I just wanted you to know that.


This is what I wrote and sent.
It is the truth.