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Boys, boys, boys…

You keep saying that you want women to stop wearing bras. You try to get your girls to go “commando” with their boobies. You keep wanting them to be all flopping around the place, 24/7. But you just don’t get it.

I’ll try to explain it in small words.

1. Weight + gravity = sag we don’t want. And admit it… YOU don’t want them to sag either. Deny it all you want. You would not be looking at Playboy as much if there were saggy boobs in it. (I know you all looked at the saggy boobs in National Geographic, but that’s only ‘cuz that’s what was available to you at the time. Given the choice, I doubt you’d choose that magazine.)

2. I don’t know about you, but most people don’t like bumping sensitive parts on things. Your boy parts are at least somewhat protected by your legs being in the way when your parts are hanging down-ish in their typical state. Our girls stick out… all the time. They are in a prime location to get in the way, brush up against something bad (or hot, or messy, etc.), or otherwise get hurt. They also have these things at/near the ends that sometimes stick out more. Sometimes those parts are extra-sensitive. In fact, you LIKE IT when they’re extra-sensitive. However, that just makes it worse for everyday life.

3. It is bad enough when you walk into an air-conditioned place and your nipples react involuntarily. Boys stare and sometimes drool. It’s kind of hard to have a conversation with a guy that has noticed that your headlights are on. Girls stare and sometimes turn on bitch mode. They seem to forget that that shit happens and it’s not FUCKING INTENTIONAL and you’re not advertising to their man. (Jesus!) I’m not saying that nipples showing through fabric isn’t a natural thing; in fact, I’m saying that IT IS. But, unfortunately, especially in the current American culture, if you are unlucky enough to have your headlights either on constantly (happens to some) or easily turned on (happens to more) or happen to be in a cold place, PEOPLE NOTICE and treat you differently because of it.

Properly-fitted* bras help combat gravity. They also help the back hurt less for more endowed women. They help protect the boobies and prevent sensitive parts from getting knocked about as easily. They also, usually, help prevent your “on” headlights from distracting everyone around you. (This last one is unfortunate, as it is the cultural/social reaction that creates the problem.)

I like my boobs. And I’m going to wear a properly-fitted* bra to protect them. If some women want to stop, it is entirely up to them. Some women have “burned” their bras. I say more power to ’em. It’s just not for me.

Stop telling your women they should stop.

1. You play whatever full-contact sport you play wearing no cup and no underwear.
2. You go sky-diving naked.
3. You sit, bottom-naked, on the leather seat of that car that has been baking in the sunshine.

Do those 3 things day in and day out and maybe, just maybe, you can tell your woman to go bra-less.

That’s all.


p.s., Yes, this subject is kind of random. But I just felt like something needed to be said about it.

*I DO emphasize the “properly-fitted” portion of that description. Most women, especially in the United States, do not like their bras, but I suspect that it is because they are not fitted properly, not because they are torture devices. Go here (not an affiliate link, maybe it should be?) to figure out what size bra you should be wearing. Ladies, your bra size is most likely too high a number and too small a cup size to properly support you. When you find one that is the correct size, it will feel almost like you’re not wearing anything.