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*rollerskates through chat*

omg today is my friday th 13th

rut roh

Hi [Me]

hey [T]

day late

dollar short?

Hi Yall

outside smoking a brisket and broke my mop bowl all over my patio stones crap crap crap

[G] is canadian after all.

<- trows gravel on floor in the chat room

oh no, [G]!


i need a drink
[3:50 PM]

things r changing quad 6’s


good maybe all the bad stuff is outta the way now

hope so


Note: I had just arrived in the chat room. This guy had not said much in the room except “hi” for a few hours before. My *rollerskate* thing is just something I do to let peeps know I’m there if they need to talk to me. I often do it and then go back to doing what I’m supposed to be doing while on the computer until someone says something directly to me or something funny/entertaining that makes me laugh.

So. Peeps probably think that I’m “reading into” something, but nope.

The first time he “threw” something on the ground to trip me and my rollerskates up, I said, “meanie” and “jumped over” whatever it was. I was trying to pass it off as ha ha funny. Whatever.


This time he upped it by using gravel.
(He probably thought about this for a while to come up with it. Sad.)

I pretty much ignored it, but I knew something else would come so I waited. Didn’t have to wait long, as you can see.

The “jdlr” was aimed at me, but being oblivious I had to actually go and figure out what it means.

Best I could find:
jdlr = just doesn’t look right = something is shady here


Let’s go back in time one day to see where this came from…

I blocked both of his accounts from following me on Twitter. It wasn’t really anything I had planned to do. I didn’t go seeking him out to block him. It never would have occurred to me to do that. I happened to be reading someone else’s Twitter feed and saw something that the asshole had put on it. I just don’t want to have to ignore anything like that in the future, so I blocked him. It was the simplest solution, or so I thought. There are others that I want to block but they are kind of entertaining in their psychoses, so I haven’t yet. This asshole isn’t even crazy-funny or intriguing in any way. He’s just plain sad and boring and pitiful.

He appeared in the chat room later that day and got all huffy ‘cuz obviously he tried to follow me and/or tried to go to my twitter feed. Still did not name me publicly. Just bitched about it. And probably private-chatted it to others. Whatever.

Later that same day, I went to play bingo on Facebook and my “who de-friended you” app told me the asshole had defriended me. (LOL!) Didn’t matter to me, as he was already in a special group I call “blech” that makes it so they can’t see some things on my account or when I’m online in chat. I laughed. And then I blocked him on Facebook… both accounts.

The stuff in the quote box up top happened a day later. (-ish… honestly, I didn’t keep track of timing because I don’t give a shit. I had to dig back in my memory recesses for the info here in this post. I guess I’m lucky I’m good with details.)

Seriously? This guy is older than I am and plays like he’s a teenage bitch-girl trying to stay in the popular crowd. This is just so ridiculous. I suppose, I suppose… I suppose I make it worse by not giving in to the hierarchy. Anarchy? Nah. Just common sense. I think that pisses them off more.

And people wonder why I don’t want my specific identity known on the internet. /facepalm

I’m sorry… but just ‘cuz I am part of the same online community as you, that doesn’t mean that I want to know you or meet you in person. Why do people just assume that everyone is lumped in together in some crazy mob mentality BORG-like shit? Like one, like all? Uh… no.

There are many people in that community that I want to meet in person and also that I *know* I will meet in person some day. We will have fun. We will probably play poker. We will probably drink and get in trouble. It will be good.

There are a few that I’m curious about. I’m not really jazzed to meet them, but I kind of want to, just to see if my “read” on them is correct. These are peeps that I know I could not be close with, but “friendly acquaintances” fits the bill.

And there are a few there that I will never voluntarily meet. Ever. I don’t want the drama. I don’t want to hear about the drama. I don’t want to know anything more about them or their lives than I have already been forced to. I don’t want to hear their fake words. I don’t want to see their facade of happiness. I can’t take witnessing in person what I see happening online.

I would be able to be polite and civil for a little while. But I also know that I would hit a breaking point and not be able to hold anything back and would end up in trouble… the bad kind. I haven’t gotten in someone’s face in a very, very long time. I don’t want to go back there. Ever. So, that means I cannot meet these people. Ever.

Do I have to draw up a list and post that shit?
Or can’t you just get a hint?


p.s., I wrote this a while ago. Posting it to let it go.