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You have GOT to be kidding me.

Published on Oct 20, 2012 by Javier Prato
Las Vegas Poker Reality Show with Johnny Chan.
Produced by Jay Ishimaru & Javier Prato.

Contact: jayishimaru@me.com


  1. Really, Mr. Brunson? Really?
  2. Second listed producer is “the Genius” (read as Token Smart Asian Guy) in the show. He also seems to be trying to channel “Han” from The Fast and the Furious movies.
  3. It’s either a reality show or it’s acting. It’s definitely not reality. It’s so obviously contrived. But if it’s acting, they have to be able to act to sell it. These people are worse than middle school drama club ACK-tohrzzz.
  4. Token bikini-clad, boobs hangin’ out, pouty-lipped poker chick needs to can it with the almost nip slips. Either that or just needs to play poker naked, ‘cuz you know that’s what the boys actually want. She’s pretty much the fantasy of what’s on the other side of the intarwebz that every livin’-in-my-parents’-basement, not-wearing-pants, probably-not-old-enough-to-brick-and-mortar online poker superstar I-think-I’m-a-superstar has wet dreams about.
  5. Really, Mr. Brunson? Really? I mean, really?
  6. Nicknames are earned, not plucked out of thin air and bestowed for some idiotic show.
  7. Seriously? “Full House”? I am FULL-Y expecting Uncle Jesse to at least make a cameo. And the Olsen twins need to be by the pool. Good. Freakin’. Lord.
  8. The initial comments on the video (after the first few that were shills) were scathing. Funny how the comment-ability was turned off pretty quickly. So sad.
  9. Even funnier? You can’t see the Likes vs. Dislikes OR “Like” or “Dislike” the video since they turned that off, but if you click on the “More Info” in the top right corner above, you can see where the Like:Dislike ratio was headed. :P
  10. I’m going to stop now. It’s not because I’ve run out of things to say. It’s just that it may be pointless to say them. Except, of course…
  11. Really, Mr. Brunson?

Michelle is sad.
No Cheers! for this.


Edited 4 hours after I initally published this blog entry to add this, tweeted about an hour ago:

I have no clue about this show. Chan asked me, we are friends so I said ok. I didn’t even know what the taping was for



Thank you, sir. You have restored my faith in you. That being said, if I were you, I’d seriously reconsider my friendship with Mr. Chan.