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Toilet Gimbap

Yes. It’s a spare toilet paper roll covered in Korean gimbap goodness.

I have been thinking about this design for a while now. Other peeps have done sushi ones, but they never looked quite right to me, so I never even attempted them. I knew I would have to do it my way. And that it would have to be gimbap.

I very intentionally came up with a way to make the white part look like the rice (bap… well, more like bahbh for koreans) and the black part look like seaweed (nori for sushi folks, gim… er… ghim? for koreans). I even made the pattern have a “seam” like the seam in gimbap or rolled sushi that is almost imperceptible. The fillings are typical gimbap fillings. They are the ones I grew up with: pan-fried slices of fish cake with a hint of soy sauce, steamed and marinated spinach, ground beef, ddahk-ggwang (pickled radish), and egg (thin, oh-so-thin, crepe-like and sliced in strips).

It is also designed to be very stretchy and will accommodate any normal-sized roll from Scott 1000 to the tiny cheapie rolls that motels use. :D

Not sure if there is a market for a pattern for this, but I think I will write one up with variations for different types of sushi rolls, too. :D