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So, I tried not to do anything political, and it might be too late for this to make a difference, but I really admire this blogger and what he wrote here.

I just wish I had seen it a couple of months ago.


It is amazing the inspiration your 3 yr. old son can have on you. Even after a tiring day at work to have him rush to you, throw himself and say I miss you and I love you is the greatest feeling. And it got me to thinking of where I come from and where I am taking him. So…some thoughts. I want my children and grandchildren to grow up in a free and moral country, a place where excellence is celebrated and compassion is the norm. I want them to feel they can achieve anything they work hard for and will see the fruits of their labor to the fullest. This is where I have decided to make my home and I think that a lot of citizens take this country and especially these election months for granted. How wonderful is it to have your voice and vote count…

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