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Far Out MeIt will be even more disturbing if it is found that the older bomber’s 3-year-old daughter is the female DNA source on the bombs. #boston


How? No, really… how?
How do you make bombs in your basement, while you’re supposed to be “babysitting” your 3-year-old kid?

Do you give her some cheerios to eat with one hand?
And solder some wiring with the other?

Do you let her play in the same room with the explosives?
Or do you corral her somewhere else in the house… alone… and 3 years old?

What do you say when she asks, “What’s that?”?
What do you do when she’s curious?

Do you teach her, too? Like you taught your brother?
Or is she not worthy of the honor, being of the ‘lesser’ sex?

[By the way, if it’s your own kid, IT’S NOT CALLED BABYSITTING. IT’S CALLED PARENTING.]